Terms & Condition

The application form should be all inclusive: duly signed and attached with 2 photographs, date of birth certificate, photo identity poof, decree in case of divorce. The company holds the right to cancel the membership of any member without refund of membership charges, if at any stage it comes to know that a person has provided wrong information. However, in all cases, we maintain that since marriage is a sensitive matter, members should confirm the genuineness of the facts before going in for any final arrangements. The company will not be accountable or liable for any information given by the applicant. The company will not be accountable in case of any wrong match made due to any falsification. The application shall be valid for lifetime. If a match is sent does not stand to the requirements of the candidate, the same shall not be considered as a proposal and thus not counted. Although all candidates are verified and we also try to match by matching horoscopes, nature, diseases, social background verified before finalizing match as per our social and moral responsibility but the company cannot be held for anything if it goes wrong. It should be made sure by the concerned persons that the entitled applicants have reached the age of majority at the time of their marriage. The Company holds the right to add/delete/modify/suspend any or all the additional/ complimentary services at any time as it may consider fit. The Company is under no compulsion to provide any definite number of options if there are none matching to the bio-data / match desired criteria in the data base; towards any aspirant. The registration form has to be completed in order to proceed further and the same will not be consider for match making if any information provided by applicant is not furnished. After completing application, the remaining/ required information has to be furnished with in next 25 days, failing which the initial deposit would stand fortified. If the match sent is already connected or received through other Matrimonial Companies It is mandatory to inform us the same in writing. If not done so and if in future any alliance is made with the same match, the member is liable to pay the fees after fixation of marriage to the company. If the match sent is initially declined & later any alliance is made with the same match the member is liable to pay the fees after fixation of marriage to the company. Company Policy: We are Concerned in the Alliance- Boy/ Girl only till the Roka Ceremony. All Over esteemed customers may be suitably confirmed that till the Roka Ceremony whatever details or queries they have should be informed to us. We shall try our best to give a Suitable reply to them as far as possible. Beyond the Roka Ceremony we shall not be responsible for any type of Dealings / Behaviour / Status & other allied If need be you may also going for Boy/Girl Private Detective Investigations as an how you like, but it will not an part of our Responsibility. We Hope we have verified our stand. These are forming a part of our Terms & Conditions.